AMG Services




Your Porsche needs some tender loving care and you can't find a good mechanic to service it. Give us a call, we'll help you! We're preparing cars for Advanced Driving Education, Lapping and Racing. Please note that our rate is $70/hr ($65 for Virages members).

Driver education

The best way to learn how to drive is to take lessons!

Would you try to fly a plane without an instructor??? We can provide you with private lessons or can organize group meetings with theory and practical lessons customized to your group!

This is a good corporate program! Increase sales and invite your customers to a different day. Invite them to Driving days. They'll be better drivers and will thank you forever!

Centerlock failure

GT3 Centerlock Problems

Porsche issued a recall and a service bulletin on the centerlocks installed from 2010 on the GT3. Read more...

Safety recall

You have options, either you do the regular maintenance suggested by Porsche or you can upgrade to five lugs setup. We can help you!